Development History of Impact Crusher

The background of your dates back to the 1850s. The World"s initial impact crusher was born in America. Before long, because of the development from the productive forces cannot meet the need of crushing the sugar cane crusher from India; therefore, individuals developed counterattack crusher on the basis of jaw crusher.

In 1924, the German initial developed the single and double rotor two varieties of impact crusher. At that time the crusher of structure is similar to the modern squirrel cage crusher. Simply because no matter from the structure or the work principle evaluation, it has the characteristics in the impact crusher.

For the reason that the material desires repeat impact, the broken might be cost-free or shine inside the process of discharging. But due to the limit of your feeding strength and impact breaker ability, the model progressively transferred into the squirrel cage crusher, applied inside the fining of medium hard.

In 1942, the German Anderson in summarized the squirrel cage crusher’s on the characteristics and working principle foundation and invented the AP series impact crusher, whose structure is comparable towards the present day .

Advantage in the larger production effectiveness of this impact crusher and its basic in form structure, convenient to move, so, this impact crusher has created swiftly. In China, the impact crusher development began later. Only within the 1950s, our nation seriously had impact crusher. So, our crushing screening gear was mainly launched in the 50s. started early amongst the domestic impact crusher manufacturer and therefore enjoyed highly reputation in the impact crusher sector.

In 1946, Dr.Andreas founded Hazemag & EPR GmbH, the inventor of Impact Crusher. Shannghai Sanme Mining Machinery co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Hazemag Germany JV company in China. On Bauma China 2012 at Sanme Booth, the Sanme-Hazemag joint venture MP-PH10 Mobile Impact Crushing Plant was present! Its capacity is up to 250TPH. one of the most economical impact crushers, a truly world-class product!

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