Application of the mobile crusher on environment

Demolition and re-building of the construction increases the construction waste, resulting in severe pollution. The birth of the mobile crusher not only makes the construction waste decrease, but also makes contribution for city construction!

The mobile crusher is an innovative rock crushing equipment, largely expand the coarse operation concept. Its design aim is to stand at customer’s position, take eliminating barrier of crushing operation from crushing field and environment as the chief solution, and offer customer high efficiency and low cost project operation hardware equipment.

Shanghai Sanme mobile crusher can be applied to process kinds of materials, especially for highway, railway, water-power engineering, etc. Users can adopt kinds of configuration form according to the types of raw material, scale and final product requirement. The mobile crusher comes with high flexibility, can meet need of different customers at the most.

The construction waste processing project is a project benefits the nation and people. As long as the government dept. environmental firm and the citizen cooperate together, the construction waste recycle rate can be increased. Shanghai Sanme has been always concentrate on technology research and development since its establishment, launched the latest construction waste disposing equipment, which not only decrease the construction waste pollution, but also save land, and bring large financial benefit for relative enterprise!

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