Question: how to approach commonly used in mineral processing

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how to approach commonly used in mineral processing.


1.Flotation Separation Process
Flotation separation process is to separate the minerals by the variety of surface chemical and physical properties. The mineral is transferred Floation reagent and the mineral values can be attached to bubbles. Ores of nonferrous metals like copper ore, lead ore, zinc ore, sulfur, iron ore, molybdenum ore flotation separation process chosen, certain metals, rare metals and some non-metallic minerals such as graphite, iron ore, apatite, and also this process.

2.Gravity Separation Process
The process of gravity separation is to separate the minerals for the relative density of a mineral, namely the specific gravity. Mineral particles of different densities of May on the forces of the fluid and michanical in the middle are moving apart, such as water, air and gravity solution.

you can use jaw crushers or impact crushers or Sanme mobile stone crusher  in mineral processing

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