Question: How to improve the capacity of cone crusher

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How to improve the capacity of hydraulic cone crusher,Sanme tell you.


hydraulic cone crusher  is part of the installation of mining production, so that the character of the shipper, carrier, display, electric motor, a part of training, I am, protecting against surges. Noticed the following factors can crusher capacity and enhanced characters.
1. Choose the grinding chamber for material
2. Feed is controlled.
3. Food is distributed from 360 ° on average crushing chamber.
4. Automation Controls
5. Mostly crusher discharge area.
6. The capacity of discharge conveyor that is more cone crushers
7. Use the right scalp and closed circuit monitors

The following factors reduce the productive capacity of the cone crusher
1. Small fraction of the power of over 10% capacity
2. With sticky stuff in food
3. Lack of control of feed
4. Feed is not distributed around an average crushing chamber
5. Power is not always recommended
6. Discharge conveyor discharge area, scalpers and screen are not enough
7. Insufficient crusher discharge area
8. Material supply is too hard or too difficult

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