Best Methods for Disposing Construction Waste

There are two methods for disposing construction waste: stationary type and mobile type.

The complete mobile equipment for disposing construction waste includes mobile crushing plant and screening equipment.

The complete stationary equipment for disposing construction waste includes crusher, screening equipment, magnetic separator and necessary transportation equipment.

Process: the construction waste can be divided into two parts by the primary screening equipment. The coarse material should be crushed again, then the magnetic separator help eliminate the lump metal material. Mobile crushing plant adopts professional separation process, for example, we can take the advantage of physical strength and or wet cleaning to make the useful material stay. Such kind of factory may be equipped with sorting device. Such as the bump vibrating equipment can classify and separate the light material such as wood, plastic and paper, etc, as well as the material with light pollution. The crushed material can be divided into inorganic combined aggregate with different purpose and different grain size.

For instance, Germany processes the construction waste from the stationary construction waste recycling factory into inorganic aggregate with three level: 0-32mm, 0-45mm, 0-65mm according to the requirements of German standard DIN4226. It can offer the granulate aggregate used for special situation or for special requirements. such as 0~8mm, 8~16mm, 16~32mm.

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