The bauxite mining often used in the world

The bauxite mining often used in the world and is a necessary Crusher mining machine(crushing equipment) in the bauxite mines. Following layer CapRock broken by explosion, tears, time bauxite. The average thickness of the bauxite is about 4m to 10m. An excavator or loader used to load the bauxite truck show for transport to the mill first. transport a 190 tonne capacity trucks to haul the ore bauxite mill center. The grinder is used to reduce the ore to a smaller size suitable for transportation along the conveyor belt to the refinery. The grinder is made from a certain number of components, which are a inclined vibrating screen, jaw crushers and sizers. fine material passes through the inclined vibrating screen while larger material goes on the screen to the jaw crusher which breaks on rocks high. The material collected by the vibrating screen and crusher and passed through the sieve, which further reduces the size of the elements which it is passed on the conveyor. The final size of the bauxite ore is crushed to approximately 7.5 cm in diameter or less.

Conveyor belts are used for the ore to the Wagerup and Pinjarra refineries transport and Willowdale mines Huntly. The conveyor belt that provides Pinjarra refinery consists of three sections with a total length of 23.4 km. Because the Huntly mine is higher than in a refinery, two conveyor belts down. Gravity pulls the bauxite belt, the power of electricity produced is reinjected into the network. The capacity of the conveyor belt between Pinjarra and Huntly 5400 tons per hour.

The conveyor belts Willowdale two to 18 km. Most of the eastern belt Willowdale is 9 km long and, unlike most developers, who must be dead right, it takes a long curve between the beginning and end. Alcoa's engineers developed this innovative design curve, it does not cross the waters of the conveyor Samson Dam.

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