what does mobile stone crusher series consist

mobile stone crusher series consists primarily of cone crusher high efficiency vibrating screen, high performance, conveyor belt and the engine control panel and so on. The assembly is installed an integrated system operating in a coordinated manner.

1.The integration of the installation of equipment for close coordination. Reasonable and compact spatial distribution of gain time to build the site. It improves flexibility and avoids much of the infrastructure construction. Investing in this method, the costs reasonably assured.

2. The technology is mature. It is easy to maintain. A clear division of tasks, the equipment is convenient for maintenance.

3 .Bottom of the mobile crusher rough is high. Width of the car is less than the trailer of the operating system. The turning radius is small and it is easy and convenient for off-road driving in the area of hash hills. It saves a lot of time from work.

4. The unit can operate independently, it can also be equipped with another device to work together flexibly. The product side hopper flexible combination of equipment for the transport of materials. The diesel engine in line with the ongoing integration device can provide not only the line itself, but also the combination of units of the whole system.

5. Mobile rock crusher is the function of fine mobile crusher, and it can also produce fine-grained end-products of stone and sand. It saves the cost of transporting materials. At the same time, the unit directly to the prolonged 120products crushed the truck and the costs have decreased.

6. Mobile crushing plant is the principle of static pressure. The basket shaking softer the second time. It is easy to install.

7.The size reduction is the high efficiency of bed materials cone crusher. It works stable and saves a lot of time on a large scale.

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