With the growing international market with Sanme

With the growing international market, our mining equipment have also increasingly necessary. Even in the difficult year we have worked excellently. We believe that tomorrow will be better in our group.Many businesses call or e-mail came, asking the price, performance, transportation of our machines,for example, Vibrating feeder,Sand Collecting System , Hydraulic Cone Crusher, Mobile rock crusher and so on.

The data from the Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis, a Dutch study shows that something has been permanent damage to world trade conducted by the financial crisis. The Bureau widely watched Composite Index, said that the volume of world merchandise trade grew 4.8 percent in December. The less volatile measure of three months also rose by a record rate in the fourth quarter of last year, finishing 6 percent higher than in the third quarter. Richard Baldwin, professor of international economics at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, said that meant a speedy recovery, it was largely a decline in demand that the trade had made the contract. "Much of the decline was the shock, the expectations - the" Oh my God factor, "he said." All postponable lost largely moved. "In the wake of the banking crisis, said Prof. Baldwin, consumers cut back sharply on raw materials and investment company are pending. He calculates that this" deferrable "goods to offset 60-70 percent of world trade . If the purchases back attempts by the mid-2009 and buyers to gain ground again, turn the collapse of trade done quickly. Economists have been the reasons for the decline in international trade as soon as confusing . Between October 2008 and January 2009 world trade in goods has fallen by about 20 percent, based on a rapid decline in economic growth during the Great Depression.

The world merchandise trade has continued to rebound quickly after his big crash a year ago, with a benchmark index, the largest monthly increase in December in its history of 19 years.
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