Construction waste is not garbage real

Construction waste is not garbage real, after a certain treatment, it may be useful. There are two ways of working.

Firstly, the wear of construction waste in the demolition of buildings, renovation of manufactured housing and road trasformation the handling area. Then, classify the material is recycled directly into the artificial method, such as metal, wood and plastic. Then you do the professional company.

For the large-scale materials such as concrete, brick and marble waste, etc., the hammer breakers circuit breakers or other materials used to break the size as the circuit breaker can crusher, size is usually 100mm, then use the grinder stone to break and get the little stone or sand. Sort materials into coarse gravel, fine gravel, coarse sand in the under-fine sand and silt and other renewable resources.

The Can Be recycling water purification activated charcoal reverse osmosis. It can save water and prevent pollution of wastewater into the environment.

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