Lessons of illegal operation of jaw crusher

In mining or gravel, it must point to the proper functioning of the mill to pay to avoid accidents.At at the same time, the manager should in mines or gravel pits, it is narrowly production safety and security of the transaction and give the feeling of safety. Safety in the work, it can be to ensure the normal operation, it can also reduce the direct costs caused by accidents.

A factory of mining, the PM is fed by conveyor to feed after crushed by jaw crusher, it goes in the next process.One night (0:00 to 8:00), Mr. Wang, one Workers required for working in this position. With the increase in the percentage of primary commodities has more, it is too difficult AOS into crusher stream if the material is so large, it has to stop the breaker, remove the materials, either manually using a hammer to hit small pieces first. In normal operation, having completed the task of producing only five hours, but this time they have given up only 60% of production on duty when he was still two hours to about 6 work.At the clock morning, a bit fed from the material in the mill, the operator of the saw mill is running empty, but weren materials given to AOT in each more.So he held the conveyor belt, right to the mouth of the crusher feed, the left foot is in the console and turned the material into the shredder at the Fed right foot stone hard.The was introduced into the shredder, but too force, after his right foot went into the mill and the whole bone is broken ankle.
The direct reason:

Wang, completing AOS Poduction operation.In illegal to work as soon as possible, he was so anxious to be finished. According to the crushing operation, if blocking the mill materials must take crusher.Mr Wang didn adopt measures to stop by the AOT, but with his foot to crush the material, then the accident.
The indirect result:
1. The safety of the plant is lax.Mr didn Wang, AOT shoes found in compliance with the rules, the chief, who was on duty, but not prohibited.
2. The worker, a sense of security is AOS weak.If Wang had to protect themselves a little more sense in these accidents can be avoided.
3. Greater attention to production and very little for the safety of one of the main reasons is the cause of these accidents.

The responsibility for identifying:
The department responsible for security analysis of the scene of accidents and the work environment, he says, is a man-made accidents.Mr Wang is the person responsible for the leaders accidents.The was in the service of an inescapable responsibility for its lax management. Work on the two employees: Mr. Wang was seriously injured, he did not need to contribute to economic sanctions. When it is returned within 30 days, send him a written guarantee.The officer was dismissed.

Preventive measures:
1.To improve training and education of safety knowledge and awareness to increase employee safety, improving safety and skills to protect themselves.
2.Increase examination of the scene, the SOA security, preventing illegal use and illegal orders.
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