Haiti as a result - a recycling of the city

They watched the shock of the terrible devastation in Haiti. The capital, Port-au-Prince saw how he was hit by a huge demolition ball. What has been abandoned ever since the 7.0 and numerous aftershocks of the earthquake is likely to be repaired cracked and should be demolished.

Close up shots of the new photographs and the quality of the concrete low, cement and mud-show-build with blocks. A closer look shows that little or no reinforcement and slight frame wire mesh. Port-au-Prince, the largest city and the principle port, gradually evolved from colonial times to a well-developed, but without building codes or standards. Because it is a historically poor countries, strengthening done on the cheap. Many structures have been weakened by previous earthquakes, hurricanes, riots and fires.

Greg Moro, director of operations for the recycling of the independence of Florida (IRF) is working on a plan to move two mobile crusher and screening in Port-au-Prince to Earthquake debris recycled for use in new buildings. "I have three groups who approach us to Haiti. There is a group of Utah, Proactive Energy Concepts works with retired Gen. Leslie Clark was a kit to go to Haiti for a recovery program for 10 years. The first part of their program, demolition and cleanup, the supply of sea water desalination and wind and solar. we are in the initial phase of the program and do not know how long we will be there. They want us to recycle demolition of buildings and which are used in useful products that we can do, such as new concrete aggregates for future development. "

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