Different Ways to Use Recycled Concrete

Construction and demolition projects can create large quantities of waste building materials, which often end up in the landfill. Much of this material can be repurposed or recycled for projects around the home and garden. Recycled concrete is one such material. It is often available free where demolition or renovation projects are underway, and some builders will deliver a quantity to your door for a modest price. For processing these rubble. Shanghai SANME, which sales cone crusher, sand maker, jaw crusher, can offer the total solution for aggregates processing. The recycled concrete has several utilities as the follows:

Paths and Walkways

Broken-up pieces of sidewalk or used concrete paving stones can be used to build new paths and walkways around your home and yard. Whenever possible, try to acquire pieces from a single demolition to build your new project; such pieces are more likely to be a uniform thickness, making them easier to handle and work with. Walkways made from separate pieces of reclaimed concrete provide numerous gaps for rain water to filter into the soil, reducing the quantity of potentially-harmful runoff from your property into storm drains.

Aggregate and Drainage

Sometimes, recycled concrete is more useful in small pieces than in large ones. Many municipalities or counties have companies that recycle old concrete into gravel-sized pieces. These can be purchased inexpensively and reused as aggregate for new poured-concrete projects. They're also a good alternative to gravel as a drainage material in wet areas. Dig a trench through the area of your yard where water most often pools, and fill it with broken-up concrete surrounding a perforated PVC drainage pipe. Cover the pipe with more concrete and replace the soil. Be sure to check local drainage regulations before undertaking such a project.

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